The Story

It began in the early 1970s with their italian parents, Mamma Rosa (singer) and Papà Toni (singer/pianist), who formed a band and performed at various events such as parties, weddings, and business functions. In 1977, Piero, the eldest brother, was born, and at a young age, he joined his parents on stage, entertaining crowds and showcasing his talent for singing. More about Piero Esteriore

Piero's decision to pursue a career as a singer paved the way for the Esteriore Brothers' musical journey. In 1984, Mimmo was born, further complementing the family performances. In 1995 and 1997, the family was completed with the birth of Gabriele and Amedeo respectively. The four brothers grew up immersed in music, practicing and performing with their parents, and their shared love for music bonded them closer together.

Over the next years, the Esteriore Brothers participated in numerous musical events, honing their skills and gaining experience. They appeared on TV shows in Switzerland, and requests started coming in from Italy. In 2019, they made their first appearance on Italian television, on the show "Tu Si Que Vales" on Canale 5 (Mediaset), where they impressed the audience of 8 million viewers with their performance. They felt the love of the Italian audience!

In 2020, the Esteriore Brothers had plans for their first concerts in Italy, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their plans. However, they didn't let that deter them, and through a partnership with Migrolino AG, they released their first album "To Get Her" on 04 December 2020. The album was sold in all Migrolino shops, with 353 locations, as well as online.

The Esteriore Brothers aimed to take their music to greater heights. They envisioned their music and band as the main feature, creating a brand around "The Esteriore Brothers." Their goal was to make their music known not only in Italy and Switzerland but also to share their passion for the magic and emotion of Italian music sung by four brothers.

The Esteriore Brothers, with their deep roots in Sicily, have become synonymous with the global online celebration of Italian music and culture. Their journey to viral fame is a narrative of authenticity, musicality, and the power of social media.

The Spark of Virality
The surge in their popularity began with a series of videos that perfectly captured the essence of Italian music. These videos, featuring the brothers’ passionate performances of Italian classics and original compositions, resonated with audiences far beyond the borders of Italy, quickly going viral on social media.

Embracing Italian Heritage
Each video was more than just a performance; it was an exhibition of Italian heritage and musical tradition. The Esteriore Brothers’ ability to blend the timeless charm of Italian melodies with contemporary styles struck a chord with viewers worldwide, leading to an ever-growing fan base.

Global Recognition
As their videos circulated widely across the internet, the Esteriore Brothers became a household name among lovers of Italian music. This online fame opened doors to new opportunities, including international concerts, collaborations, and a stronger, more diverse online following.

A Future Rich in Music
Today, the Esteriore Brothers stand as a symbol of Italian musical excellence in the digital age. Their story highlights the unifying power of music and the role of social media in bringing it to a global stage. As they continue to share their passion and talent, the Esteriore Brothers remain a beacon of Italian culture, captivating audiences with every note.

Their viral success is a testament to their authenticity and skill, marking them as true ambassadors of Italian music in the online world. As they move forward, the Esteriore Brothers carry with them the spirit of Italy, sharing it with the world one song at a time.

Our Journey

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